Boarding & Daycare

Our daycare play groups provide a safe and supervised environment for dogs to play, socialize, and receive care during the day while their owners are at work or otherwise occupied. Waunakee has trained staff members who oversee the dogs and provide them with exercise, attention, and social interaction.

Benefits of Daycare Play for Dogs

Sending your pet to dog daycare can be beneficial for several reasons:


Dogs are social animals, and they need to interact with other dogs and people to develop good social skills. At daycare, your pet will have the opportunity to play and socialize with other dogs, which can help reduce their anxiety and aggression around other dogs.




Overall, daycare can be a great way to provide your pet with exercise, socialization, and care while you’re away. It can also help prevent behavior problems and improve your pet’s overall well-being.

Daycare Drop-Off & Pick-Up Hours

Monday – Friday

Drop- Off: 6:30 AM – 10:00 AM

Pick-Up: By 6:00 PM

Our Daycare & Boarding Pet Requirements

All pets will need to be current on DHPP (Distemper), Leptospirosis, Rabies, Bordetella, a no ova seen stool sample check every 6 months, and current (proof will need to be provided) on flea/tick prevention.  If no proof of purchase can be provided we will administer the necessary medications for your pet’s protection.


For our canine visitors, our Boarding Center offers over 50 indoor runs. We have two daycare yards in which your pet can play with our daycare pups if desired!* We offer a minimum of 5 walks/outdoor playtime per day, with extra a la carte services such as extra walks/playtime. We also offer a complimentary bath on stays longer than 5 days.

We know that most cats do not like socializing with dogs, so we have quiet cat rooms separate from the dog boarding area. Each cat has its own individual area and bed.

Boarding Drop-Off & Pick-Up Hours:

Monday through Friday drop-off and pick-up times are normal business hours.

Saturday and Sunday drop-off times are 8:00 am – 10:00 am and pick-up times are 4:00 pm – 6:00 pm.

Boarding Extras

Boarding Activity Specials

  • Doggy Daycare $25 a day (not available on the weekends or holidays)
  • Private Play or Cuddle (10 minutes)- $15/day
  • Private Play or Cuddle (20 minutes)- $25/day

Add on Services

  • Bath (Complimentary with 5 or more-night stay)- $31
  • Nail Trim- $29 (not available on weekends or holidays)

Night Time Treat

  • Frozen Kong – Kong of the Quarter or Peanut Butter – $6/night
  • Frosty Paws Ice Cream- Original Vanilla or Peanut Butter- $4/night
  • Homemade Cookies – Peanut Butter Banana, Chicken and Cheese, Sweet Potato and Cinnamon, Apple Bacon or Cookie of the Quarter – $4/night
  • Homemade Jerky- Turkey Jerky, Beef Jerky, or Chicken Jerky- $4/night

What's Next

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    Call us or schedule an appointment online.

  • 2

    Meet with a doctor for an initial exam.

  • 3

    Put a plan together for your pet.