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On behalf of the staff at Waunakee Veterinary Clinic, we are honored to pay respect to our beloved animal friends who have passed.  We also welcome you to create a lasting tribute for your beloved pet or animal friend on our website's Pet Memorial page.


On October 1, I had to say good-bye to my best friend "Buddy". I adopted him 14 years ago, his first year of his life was not the best and since I didn't know his actual "Birth" day, I decided I would make every day of his life feel like it was his birthday. When I 1st brought him home, he was skid dish, shy and confused. It wasn't long after that Buddy became the alpha dog, with my other dog Bogie, ...who was still young and learning his way.

Buddy bonded with me very quick and we were best buds! He became my best friend and "furry" soulmate! He wanted to be with me all time, whether it was just going for a walk,  going for a car ride or just being together. Buddy loved being with me. He loved going for rides and would be at the door the minute he heard my keys. We were in inseparable.

He loved our annual vacations up-north, where he could swim in crystal clear water and chase frogs or minnows on the shoreline.

Buddy had an immense love for food and would remind me it was suppertime by pacing in the kitchen or looking up at where this food and treats were kept, if it was past his 5:00pm feeding time. He loved to eat and I often would tell the vet, when Buddy loses his appetite, that is when we will know something is wrong.

Buddy was diagnosed with cancer, mast cell lymphoma approx.. 2 years ago. At that time we decided due to Buddy's age and the type of cancer it was, we would leave it be, unlike his brother Bogie who passed at age 9 due to GI lymphoma even after many, many tests and procedures, etc.

This last year Buddy started to show his age and the miserable side effects of cancer. The "spirit is willing but the body is weak" …..,. Buddy still wanted to go for car rides, but it became harder for him to get in the car and our long walks soon became shorter and shorter and so we sometimes would enjoy each other by just hanging out. Dogs teach us so much and Buddy reminded me that just being together and hanging out was doing something and was just as important as everything else!!

Buddy even made it up north this year, although instead of spending his time swimming or chasing frogs, we relaxed by sitting on the end of the pier, on a comfy air mattress and an umbrella overhead to shelter us from the hot sun.

I was so right about when Buddy lost his interest in food it was a sure sign something was wrong. This past Monday, Buddy showed the signs of having a mini stroke, or some kind of episode. It became hard for him to walk, keep his balance or even go potty and he started to lose his appetite, although I barely gave him people food, I was desperate to get him to eat, so that night he ate a McDonald hamburger and he still drank water. Tuesday, another episode, and then no interest in eating, even after I went and got him a Culvers hamburger, chicken strips and Beef pot roast sandwich, I thought he could choose his lunch. Buddy had no interest and only went outside to go potty with my help. Wednesday am, Buddy is worse, can't walk, eat or drink. The passion and appetite for life is gone from his eyes, only enough strength to reach his paw to my hand and say….I Love You!

As we carried him on his blanket to the car, on the way to the vet, I opened the windows in the back seat, so he could smell the cool, crisp, fresh air, he once smelled by hanging his head out the window, only this time he smelled and felt it by lying in the back seat unable to get up or lift his head to the window. When I arrived at the vet, we carried him to a "private" room and I  laid next to him and told him how much I loved him. He briefly looked up to me to say "Thank you for letting me go as my appetite to eat and live are gone. Thanks for a good life, for loving me and remember to never lose your appetite to live!"




We got Cody when our daughter (Kristin) was almost one year old. They bonded immediately when we picked him up.  He was a Bengal with the true traits of the breed. He was sweet, close, loving, a lap cat, yet had a touch of the wild. He was always on the wrong side of the door" wanting to go with us wherever we went. He had a taste for people food, especially chicken and turkey. We miss him so much.




I had you for such a short time but my heart still breaks everyday. You were so special




Our sweetest Emma,

We are sad to see you go and our hearts are broken without you here.
You are much more to us than "just a cat", you are special and we are
truly blessed to have had you with us for our first 12 years of
marriage. You will live in our hearts and we will never forget you! We
love you baby girl and we will see you again in eternity. I know
Casper is overjoyed to have you with him once again! We love you so,
so much! Thank you for being the sweetest, kindest, most gentle cat
this world had to offer.




June 1999-September 2008

Tribute to our Bogie
"All that we love deeply...becomes a part of us." Helen Keller
Bogie was a loyal companion to Rick and I. Bogie's antics put a smile on our faces and laughter in our hearts daily. He knew how to "talk" his way into a ride in the truck, and always knew when it was time to go hunting……He loved to bury a bone or a toy and always remember where to find it.

Bogie had the spring of a puppy in his step throughout his life. He knew how to live life for each day and he danced to the rhythm of his own Golden music.

Bogie could look into your eyes and tell you what you were thinking. He knew each of us for whom we were and accepted our individuality. He still loved us when we were in a bad mood. He patiently listened to us complain and then with a look, a nudge, and a wag, reminded us that tomorrow would be a new day. He would even be extra caring and stay close on those grey days when we needed a little more sunshine in our hearts.

To say that Bogie was smart is an understatement. Bogie was brilliant. Now, he is a true diamond in the sky.

Bogie's love for us was unconditional and so was ours for him. He was part of our family and part of our lives. We will always remember Bogie and we thank God for blessing us with his companionship, understanding and unconditional love. He was our very special "Bogie" dog.

Bogie passed through Life's Golden Gate September 9th,  2008.

We know he is shining brightly up there… Bogie's in God's kingdom now. 



"Molly" Riley



                          "Ruben"                                                         "Jimmy"

Ruben - you were saved from a puppy mill forced to live in a very small cage with no interaction for a few years. You had to have all your teeth pulled from lack of care. You became my puppy and a brother to my other dogs. You were so gentle and quiet - never barking - never demanding. Your most active part of the day was morning as you would run around my big yard following the fence 2 or 3 times until you decided to go potty. Your favorite time of the day was going for walks with your 2 brothers in our big stroller. You placed yourself in the center looking forward and would not move, even when your brothers would walk over you trying to take your spot. You loved life in a quiet way. You became sick fast and died giving us little chance to get use to life without you. Is still super hard thinking about it yet. You will forever be missed and thought of every single day.

Jimmy - We got you at 8 weeks of  age and you were just shy of being age 21 by 2 weeks when you died. I  remember the day I saw you. Your mother was killed by a car and someone took you and your family to a pet shop. You reached out of your cage and grabbed my finger and proceeded to rub your head on my hand while purring. I knew than that you were to be ours - a gift for my daughter. You slept with her but as you got older, you began sleeping in the crock of my arm every time I would lie down. If I moved you would reach up and gently slap my head for me to move around so you could cuddle in your favorite spot again. Such a precious gentle cat never using your claws even when scared. You gave us nearly 21 years of happiness. Memories of your days with us make us smile. Lack of your presence make our hearts ache.