Dog Grooming

My name is Cortney and I am the groomer at Waunakee Vet Clinic.  I look forward to providing your dog with the best care during their appointment at the pet spa.  Please visit us soon for all of your dog's needs.  I look forward to meeting you and your dog. 


Let us pamper your pet from start to finish.  We'll start with a massaging bath that will flush dirt from the skin and stimulate the hair follicles.  Our Pure Oxygen Ultra shampoo restores natural shine and softness to your pet's coat.  Our bathing process pulls excess water from the coat making drying a breeze.  It's perfect for pets nervous of the dryer!  When finished, your dog will leave looking and feeling their best!  They'll be cleaned from top to bottom including their ears, nails, and fresh breath.

Why Chose Waunakee Vet Clinic?

  • Knowing your dog is in the care of a trained groomer with 10+ years of experience
  • Ability to wait for your dog in our comfortable waiting area
  • Knowing that if you need to leave your dog in our care for a longer time than your appointment we'll care for your dog like one of our own
  • Being able to get all the services for your dog in one place.  Including vet services, boarding, daycare, training, and grooming
  • Knowing your pet will be taken care of in a quiet, calm and clean salon
  • Having time available to talk with the groomer about your dog’s needs before their appointment
  • Knowing what services are going to be performed on your pet before we begin
  • Knowing that we will work with your pet to make sure they have the most relaxing and positive experience at our spa
  • Knowing that when you pick up your dog after their spa day they will always be clean, smell great, look amazing and be feeling their best!


Bath Package:

Includes Pure Oxygen Ultra massaging bath, drying, nail clipping and/ filing, ear cleaning, dental spray application

Short Coat

                             X-Small-$30         Small-$35        Medium-$45        Large-$55        X-Large-$65        XX-Large-$75+

   Long Coat(Includes Detangling Conditioner)                

X-Small-$40        Small-$45        Medium-$55        Large-$65        X-Large-$75        XX-Large-$85+          

Double Coated(Includes Desheding)

                                        X-Small-$60        Small-$65        Medium-$75        Large-$85        X-Large-$95        XX-Large-$105+ 

*Bath + Haircut Package:

Includes Pure Oxygen Ultra massaging bath, drying, nail clipping and/ filing, ear cleaning, dental spray application

Short Coat

 X-Small-$60        Small-$65        Medium-$75        Large-$85        X-Large-$95        XX-Large-$105+

   Long Coat(Includes Detangling Conditioner)           

                                       X-Small-$70        Small-$75        Medium-$85        Large-$95        X-Large-$105        XX-Large-$115+          

Double Coated(Includes Desheding)

                                       X-Small-$90        Small-$95        Medium-$105        Large-$115       X-Large-$125        XX-Large-$135+ 

*Additional services for Bath & Haircut Packages:

     -Blueberry Spa Facial Scrub(used to clean buildup around the eyes and mouth, leaving a fresh scent) $10

     -Paw Massage with Paw Balm(moisturize and protect paw pads from the elements) $10

     -Specialty Shampoo Application(applying a veterinarian prescribed shampoo according to directions) $10

     -Oatmeal Conditioning(for moisturizing and soothing dry skin) $10

     -Hypoallergenic Conditioning(for moisturizing sensitive skin) $10

Bundle Add On Services & Save:  Choose 2 save $5, choose 3 save $10, choose 4 save $15

Haircut(No Bath):

                                       X-Small-$55        Small-$60        Medium-$70        Large-$80        X-Large-$90        XX-Large-$100+

Spa Packages: 

Spa Facial Package:(Includes face wash, face trim around eyes, dental spray application, ear cleaning) $45

Spa Pedi Package:(Includes paw wash, paw hair trim, paw balm, nail clipping & filing) $70

Basics Package:(Includes face trim around eyes, paw hair trim privates trim, nail clipping) $55


Additional Services:                                

-Face Wash with Blueberry Spa Facial Scrub (stand alone) $25                             -Paw Trim (stand alone) $20 

-Paw Massage with Paw Balm (stand alone) $15                                                      -Paw Shave (stand alone) $30 

-Face Trim around eyes (stand alone) $15                                                                -Paw Wash (stand alone) $25

-Face Shave (stand alone) $20                                                                                   -Nail Clip (stand alone)  $20.75+Tax

-Trim Ears (stand alone) $15                                                                                       -Nail Clip & File (stand alone) $25                       

-Tail Trim (stand alone) $15                                                                                         -15 Minute Brush out (stand alone) $25

-Backend Trim (stand alone) $15                                                                                -Ear Cleaning (stand alone) $15

-Privates Trim (stand alone) $15                                                                                  -Dental Spray Application (stand alone) $8

*anal gland cleaning cost $24.35 and should be asked for during time of booking so that it will be scheduled before grooming appointment

*Pricing is based on well-maintained coats.  Coats with excess tangles, matting or undercoat may be subject to additional charges as needed.


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Read What Our Clients Say

  • "Hugo our Great Pyrenees loves Waunakee Vet Clinic and also how fabulous he looks after his shampoo, cut, and blow out from his leading stylist Courtney!!!!!
    Best staff and always so welcoming!
    5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
    Tami H.
  • "Our family put our trust in Dr. Arnett and his staff when our cat was bitten by a dog.. Dr Wes and his staff took great care of us and our cat, Niko, immediately on a Saturday morning. Niko ended up needing a leg amputation and had to stay for a few days. Once again his staff was awesome and their facility allowed us to fine and visit him one on one in our own private area. Highly recommend!!"
    Michael F.