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  • Retractable Leashes - Are They Worth the Risk?
    Retractable dog leashes are everywhere! With close to one-third of dog-owners carrying one as their leash of choice. They are popular. In case you don’t know what kind of leash I am referring to; this is a retractable leash. Consisting of a plastic handle containing a spring-loaded mechanism controlling a thin cord. They seem like an ingenious idea, right? My thought - No, stay away! Read more
  • How Many Litter Boxes Do You Need?
    A question we're often asked by kitty owners is, "How many litterboxes should they have in their household?" Do they have enough of them? In an ideal world, you could never really have too many litterboxes. But, who wants to have a dozen litterboxes scattered throughout the house. We do have a general rule of thumb to guide you through, especially if there is a concern about your kitty having any urinary behavior problems. Read more
  • Fun, Fit, and Challenging Feline Feeders
    At the clinic, we're frequently asked about different cat feeders to help with weight management and playful/creative and challenging ways to dispense treats. So, I took a little time to review a few products that can help with both. These are products that we've tested, use, and recommend to our clients. Read more
  • How Much Sleep Does Your Pet Need?
    Let's face it, whether it's jealousy or concern we often spend time watching our pets sleep wondering, "How long are you going to lay there for?" With all of the conflicting information and emotions regarding the amount of sleep humans need it's natural to transfer that question to our pets. In this blog post, I'll share which animals need the most/least sleep along with the steps you can take to help ensure your pet gets the best sleep possible. Read more
  • Dr. Arnett Reviews Two New Products to Aid In Your Pet's Overall Health
    Dr. Arnett from the Waunakee Vet Clinic breaks down probiotics and your pets anal gland health in this product review video. Probiotics work to aid your dog's digestive process. These Read more
  • Product Review and Demonstration of the Paw Plunger
    We're always working hard to bring you the content and information needed to make pet ownership as enjoyable, rewarding, and hassle-free as possible.  A new product that caught our eyes Read more
  • Pet Dental Care - The Health Risks Associated with Poor Dental Care
    The Health Risks Associated With Poor Dental Care YES! Dental cleanings are extremely beneficial and most definitely a way to keep your pet healthy. On average it's estimated that animals with good dental health live on average 2-4 years longer than those that do not. How do you know if your pet needs a dental cleaning? Read More... Read more
  • Home Dental Care Info and Tips
    Home dental care for your cat or dog has the same goal as home dental care for yourself, to remove plaque. Plaque is a sticky, whitish film with the bad taste and offensive odor that accumulates inside the mouth. Plaque is about 85% bacteria and will mineralize to form tartar. Read more
  • Does Your Pet Eat Too Fast? Here's 5 Tips for Slowing Them Down
    Most of us don't give much thought to how quickly our pets eat their food. It's natural to think, "Wow, she was hungry today". However, eating their food fast has a number of pitfalls. Here is summary along with 5 tips for slowing your pets down. Read more
  • Winter Paw Care for YOUR Pet's - Updated!!!
    Does your dog suffer from cracked paws? Over 65% of dogs suffer from this painful problem, especially during Winter months. Here are some tips to help your pet Read more


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  • "Hugo our Great Pyrenees loves Waunakee Vet Clinic and also how fabulous he looks after his shampoo, cut, and blow out from his leading stylist Courtney!!!!!
    Best staff and always so welcoming!
    5 stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"
    Tami H.
  • "Our family put our trust in Dr. Arnett and his staff when our cat was bitten by a dog.. Dr Wes and his staff took great care of us and our cat, Niko, immediately on a Saturday morning. Niko ended up needing a leg amputation and had to stay for a few days. Once again his staff was awesome and their facility allowed us to fine and visit him one on one in our own private area. Highly recommend!!"
    Michael F.